Recovering from a Tummy Tuck


The tummy tuck procedure, also referred to as abdominoplasty, takes anywhere from one and a half to three hours to perform. Most patients are permitted to return home the same day. Others may be required to spend a night under medical observation if they undergo circumferential tummy tucks or have multiple procedures performed. Once a patient returns home, there is a recovery process that follows.

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Cosmetic Surgery for Men Caters To Fit Their Gender

When most people think of plastic surgery, they think of procedures that will enhance their appearance. Traditionally, that has been for women. But there is much more to the world of plastic surgery than Charlotte tummy tucks, breast augmentations and breast lifts. There a wide variety of options available for men to enhance the way they look.

It must also be stated that male plastic surgery differs a bit than female plastic surgery. Male cosmetic surgery is geared towards men and is not intended to feminize them. These procedures cater to the male body. When it comes to facial structures, men have different traits. Their brows tend to be lower than a woman’s brow and the upper portion of their eyelids are weightier.



Ideal Candidates for Otoplasty

bigstock-Ear-Reshaping-50924888.jpgOtoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that reshapes a person’s external ear. This procedure makes the ear much less prominent by reducing the actually size or the angle that it sits, whether it be for one or both ears. Those who are ideal candidates for otoplasty have a broad range of ages and conditions.

Children as young as age five are candidates…

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Gynecomastia and Gynecomastia Surgery in Charlotte NC

Gynecomastia is a medical term that means enlargement of the male breast. This condition is far more common than many realize. It may affect one breast or both. Although certain drugs such as anabolic steroids, medications containing estrogen, alcohol, marijuana, and medical conditions including cancer, impaired liver function, to name a few, may cause or contribute to enlarged male breasts, it is widely accepted a large percentage of these cases derive from unknown sources or are hereditary.

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What Happens After Liposuction

Like many other type of cosmetic surgery, patients who undergo liposuction are subjected to a recovery process. During this process, there are some important points that patients should know. Let us take a closer look at what lies ahead following a liposuction procedure with Ballantyne Plastic Surgery Charlotte NC.

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The Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

Many women envision what they will look like with a breast enhancement and how that will improve their appearance and boost self confidence. But most women do not spend as much time wondering about the recovery process that follows a breast augmentation. Here is a look at what to expect after your breast augmentation procedure at Ballantyne Plastic Surgery Center in Charlotte.

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Tips for Mommy Makeover Recovery

Mommy makeovers are becoming more and more popular as it is a perfect way to reward a woman after a pregnancy. The plastic surgery process involved in mommy makeovers are pretty straightforward, although there are some important things to know about the recovery period. Here are some helpful hints from  to follow after undergoing a mommy makeover.

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When Cosmetic Surgery Is Necessary For Correcting Breasts

Many people are surprised to learn that most women have some form of breast asymmetry. With asymmetry, one breast is slightly larger than the other and more often the not, the size difference is not easily recognized. There are, however, instances in which breast asymmetry warrants cosmetic surgery.
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Candidates For Cosmetic Surgery For Breast Asymmetry.
In many cases, differences of a half cup size or more are noticeable and qualify women as candidates for differential breast augmentation in which different sized implants are used. Candidates must be 18 years old or older while girls under 18 are may be considered as acceptable candidates if their circumstance are extreme.

Common Causes Of Breast Asymmetry.
Breast asymmetry has a broad range of possible causes. The most common of these is a difference in breast size that has existed since the developmental stage. Changes that occur after breastfeeding and pregnancy can also be responsible for size differences, particularly when infants prefer to nurse on one breast more than the other. Breast asymmetry can also have medical causes. Scoliosis and other conditions relating to alignment can create a shift in the rib cage that leaves one side more projected than the other. There are even medical conditions that cause the chest to bow. These issues are characterized by outward pointing nipples, wider cleavage or breasts that are prone to migrating to the the side.

It is important to note that asymmetrical breasts do not necessarily mean that one breast is larger than the other. Varying degrees of ptosis (sagging) or having one breast that is more narrow than the other can additionally create differences in the shape and overall appearance of each breast. Breasts can actually be equal in size, but these and other factors can lend to the appearance of asymmetry. There are even times when the nipples and areolas have different shapes, sizes and positions. The causes for these differences are entirely natural.

Cosmetic Solutions
There are many ways in which breast asymmetry can be corrected. Women can opt to have their breasts evened out through augmentation or breast reduction procedures can be used to reduce the size of the larger breast. When breast volume is equal but one side droops or sags lower than the other, a breast lift could be the most suitable options. Augmentation and lift procedures can also be performed together, which is often the case when a woman has tuberous breasts.

Other solutions to this issue include fat grafting and liposuction, however, these measures are more limited in their effectiveness. Additional options include nipple augmentation and nipple reduction surgeries. There are often times when multiple procedures are necessary for creating symmetrical breasts.

In this modern time, it is no longer necessary for women to deal with the negative psychological effects or low self-confidence that asymmetrical breasts often create. There are a wealth of solutions that are currently being provided by Ballantyne Plastic Surgery, one of the foremost names in cosmetic surgery in the greater Charlotte area. The beautiful, balanced and proportionate breasts that you have always wanted can be yours with highly effective, same-day treatments.

Plastic Surgery: Three Reason to Say “Yes”

If you are contemplating whether or not plastic surgery is right for you, know that there are some compelling reasons others decided to opt for surgery. One reason people give is to embellish physical features. With advances in technologies and technique, plastic surgeons can do practically anything you desire. Whether small, maybe even non-surgical, or larger alterations such as a tummy tuck or face lift. Some choose to change their natural appearance while other attempt to restore them. One of the most common being facial reconstruction. Without this surgery many would be left suffering from things like cleft lip and palate. It is life changing in many cases. Rhinoplasty can correct a condition called deviated septum, which can cause breathing issues and snoring, ranging from mild to extreme.

Quite possibly the biggest health problem that leads patients to plastic surgery is cancer. Cancer and its treatments take an immense toll on the mind and body. In most case of breast cancer either a mastectomy or lumpectomy are performed to remove cancerous tissue. In order to restore ones confidence and to recover a more “normal” appearance many woman undergo reconstructive surgery. Of course, if this is something that maybe desired it is always best to have the discussion with the doctor overseeing treatment and talk over possibilities. In the end, there are many reason to trust a Board-Certified surgeon.